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Tango is the life itself

Tango dance is a language. By using this language you can form a body communication. The courses you take in a dance course, will teach you the elements of this language. The rest will depend on you, in that you can form a line or a nowel.

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Top ten reasons why tango?

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Tango dance is a magical thing that quickly captures you deeply, after the first experience. However, not to worry, besides its addictive properties, tango has numerous nice(!) features: It improves ...

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Social aspect of tango

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Tango has a social aspect. People dancing tango, get together in dance evenings called a "milonga". In these occasions not the exhibitional but the inner part of tango comes ahead. Melin & Selim gives importance ...

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Turkey is a tango heaven!

Turkish people embrace tango with love. As most of our foreign visitors tell us, there is a big colorfull tango world in Turkey. So if you live in Turkey, it is your chance to start tango, if you live elsewhere we recommend you to come and visit ...

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